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Preamtip Satasuk is a travel blogger and photographer born in Thailand and living in the United States. Her work has appeared in various guidebooks and publications, including The Chicago Tribune Guide to Midwest Travel and the travel section of Chicago Tribune. She has several book covers for FalconGuides to her credit, including Best Hikes Near Milwaukee and Paddling Wisconsin.

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Cooking Class in Bangkok
Twin Cities Become Hopping Beer Destination
5 Canoe-Bike Trips along the Wisconsin River

“I was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. I love Bangkok. It is my hometown and for me, it is one of the most interesting cities in the world. I never imagined myself living abroad. Here I am — Wisconsin, U.S.A. The funny thing is, every one of my foreigner former bosses asked me the same question: Wisconsin? Brrrrrrrrrrrrr Colddddddd, are you sure?

I love eating, snorkeling, reading, shopping and of course traveling. Let me make it clear, I always used to travel with a package tour. I know…package tour…urgh.

Everything has changed since I met Kevin, my husband. My first camping trip was in 2007. We went to Tarutao, Adang, Rawi, and Lipe Islands in Thailand. Since then, I love to travel by myself, bring my own tent and camp on the beach with a sea view! An amazing thing for me is we paid only 30 baht ($1) per night for camping. Can you believe it?

Now, I live abroad, learning to cook by myself, meeting many interesting people, and going to interesting places. I blog to share my good experiences and I hope everyone will enjoy my story too.”

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