Beautiful islands in Trang

I wanted to go to Trang 4 years ago. I heard so much nice things about islands in Trang but because of Tsunami, and flooded in south of Thailand many years ago, I had to postpone my trip. Finally, we made it this year! We flew to Trang and took a van from the airport into Trang city and then bought a boat trip to Kradan island from Andaman Island Tour & Travel. (We went to Trang twice and 2nd time we used a pick up service from this travel agent because it is cheaper.)

We went to 3 islands on this trip, and stayed 2 nights on each island.

First island that we hopped off was Koh Kradan. It is such a perfect place for snorkeling, relaxing and sunbathing. I am Thai and I got sunburn from 15 minutes walking along the beach. Oh well, my badย  that I less estimated the power of the sun here. On Koh Kradan, you can choose to stay atย  National Park and pay just 30 baht per night if you bring your own tent or pay 10,xxx baht per night and stay at luxury hotel. You can find a place to eat but not many choices.

Boat service for crossing to other island.

amazing view in front of our tent

Next island is Libong. I love people here. They are really friendly. We rode pass a school and stop by to take a photo of kids playing football. They ran to us and acted many action in front of the camera ๐Ÿ™‚ Girls shared me her flowers that she was trying to collect it from the ground. We stayed at Libong Beach Resort and the food here is fabulous, fresh , and very reasonable price. I love fishy dish here ๐Ÿ˜‰ This resort also provided the transportation between the island and also one day tour to other islands. What I can say is this is a perfect island for anyone who wants to spend time on a quiet island. You will enjoy the beauty of the nature here. If you lucky enough, you might see Dugong. We did!

little friendly local girl on Libong island .

“Kanom Pang naa moo” deep fried bread with shrimp

Local boat at Libong island

Pad Thai at the resort that we stayed.

deep fried fish with herbs

deep fired fish with fish sauce

Our last island is Lao Liang. Small but nice for a couple, family or a group of friends who wants to enjoy with beautiful sunset, quiet beach, and rock climbing. You can snorkeling in the morning and having fun with rock climbing in the afternoon. It has only one place to stay on this island. It is a tent with public bathroom. You can see more details at

You can borrow a kayak from the resort and it’s no extra charge.

Rock climbing at Lao Liang island.

our accommodation at Lao Liang resort.

Our last night, we stayed on the main land in the city. I was impressed with local markets here. I don’t have to go to dinner at the restaurant at all. You can find many interesting food here and it is cheap. We went to 2 markets there. First one is near the city hall and second one is in front of train station. Both markest open on the weekend from 5 pm until late night. You can find food, clothes or some souvenir here. I bought a shirt said โ€œsave Dugongโ€. I also love to buy soda that came out from a rocket ๐Ÿ™‚ Check it out from my photo!

Thai dessert, black sticky rice with custard.

Moo Yang, very famous grilled pork in Trang. It’s a bit sweet.

Deep fired chicken at the local market in Trang city.

A must to eat in Trang city is Dim Sum. It is for breakfast!

People in Trang is super friendly. I love the atmosphere of the old city, slow daily life, an old fashion coffee shop, and the feeling that I am back to 80s ๐Ÿ™‚ย  I do love this city and I hope I can convince whoever that read my journey and see my photos to come to this province.



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    You made me wanna pack my bag and go out there. ^3^

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      When do you wana go? ๐Ÿ™‚

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    By the way,the last picture is nice and cute.

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      I love that picture. They are very cute.

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    Another nice one, well done! I have never been there as u knew but it made me wanna go there once in my life. And yes, thbe last pic is very nice too ๐Ÿ˜‰

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