6 countries in 2016 through my lens

I am far behind my blog post lately. Many things happened and I lost track of time. I have so many stories that I want to tell through my lens. Here’s where I went in 2016.

1. Sri Lanka: Worth to travel there at least once in your life. I was hesitate to go to this country because people says it’s an Indian like and Indian food will be my almost last choice to choose. I think I get used to Thai curry and the smell of Indian curry is stronger Thai curry. But all I can say is I love Indian food now!



Tuk Tuk meter in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan food

Sunset in Sri Lanka2. Finland; Helsinki,Kiilopa, Savukkoski, Inari, Utsjoki,and lapland. This is an unexpected trip. We didn’t plan to go to Finland until my husband found out that he has cousins in Finland and they were inviting us to visit them. It was an amazing trip. We were lucky to have one of his cousins¬†took us almost everywhere!

Helsinki, Finland


Helsinki, Finland

Utsjoki, Finland

Utsjoki, Finland

Kuusamo, FInland


3. Tallinn in Estonia: Only 2 nights short visit but definitely enough time to explore to highlight places. It was very easy to get there by cruise from Helsinki. Lovely city.

Tallinn4. Krakow in Poland: Wonderful city. Full of culture and great food. Easy to go around by tram, bus or even walking. One thing I learnt from Krakow was Google doesn’t work everywhere!

Krakow, Poland

5. Germany; Frankfurt, Heidelbourg, and Koln: Visiting friend in Frankfurt, drinking beer in Heidelbour and Koln. I do love Germany.

Frankfurt, Germany

Koln, Germany


6. Strasbourg and Paris in France: I love Strasbourg. People are super friendly. The bis driver was very helpful. Strasbourg cathedral is absolutely stunning. I found one of the best chocolate croissant that I have ever had in my life here. Small enough to walk to anywhere. But for Paris, maybe it was our last city¬†of our 5 weeks trip. We were exhausted and ready to come home to our own bed. We saw many things that we didn’t expected to see and it’s not as clean as I thought. But I love museums here. Amazing art and architecture. Wine and cheese is of course delicious.


Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg, France

Musee d’orsay

Louvre museum, Paris


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