House on the Rock

I have been in WI  almost 8 years but this is the first time to visit House on the Rock. So many friends talked about how weird and incredible it is but It seems like I always missed the road to House on the Rock.

It was built by Mr. Alex Jordan who had an idea to built a house on the limestone. It is only 1.5 hours driving from Madison, WI. It has huge parking lot but surprisingly to see that it’s almost full when we got there (around noon). When you go in, you will buy a ticket which allow you to go into 3 sections of the house. Some of musical display required some token.

Section one:

You’ll walk through a beautiful Asian garden to Alex Jordan center which you can learn more about him and his house. Then you will enter to the original house which was built on a 60 foot chimney of rock. You can walk to the infinity room. In windy day, you can feel that the room was shaking because it extends 218 feet over the view.

Section Two:

Mill House, Streets of Yesterday, Heritage of the sea that you can see a huge whales with a boat in his mouth and story of many ships including Titanic. If you’re hungry, you can find pizza and drinks in this section. It ends up at carousel Room which is very impressive and your kids will definitely love it.

Section Three:

Organ room, Doll House,  Circus room, Doll Carousel Building, Japanese garden, and Inspiration point which is an outdoor space that you can see the Infinity room.

It took us 3 hours to finish without skipping any room and without taking a long rest. If you bring an elderly or kids, prepare snack or drinks because it is a long way to walk but worth it.

Enjoy Wisconsin!

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